WordPress Training Adelaide


Our WordPress training Adelaide one on one consulting teaches local businesses the valuable skill sets that help you create and manage your WordPress website for your business. Although WordPress can be picked up by attending WordPress Meetup Groups, we recommend only learning what is relevant to your business.

The reason why we focus on what is relevant is that there is so much in the WordPress ecosystem that unless you are a developer, it is impracticable to learn every specific thing to know about WordPress is that it makes getting started with WordPress a never-ending goal.

You don’t need to know how to write PHP, HTML, CSS or Javascript to run a reliable WordPress website

The beauty of WordPress is how simple and easy it is to use without a huge learning curve. Users from less technical background may struggle more than others, but the average person can learn to use WordPress. We recommend 20 uninterrupted hours to be comfortable with enabling you to use WordPress at a competent level that allows you to save time and money.

Although we provide web design services and love building websites for our clients, we like businesses to be independent and not reliant on having to e-mail us for small minor changes on their website. It costs you money having to pay a company like us to do it, but it also costs you time to bounce e-mails back and forth to get it done.

We will gladly help you with your WordPress website regardless, but we love our clients enough to ultimately want the best for their business and teaching our clients how to use the #1 content management system for websites is important to us. The benefit of learning how to use WordPress is you get to have more power of your site, and you will be able to make changes using WYSIWYG tools and do things like install an e-commerce plugin and set up your store. You may be okay spending hours setting up your store the way you want than getting someone else to do it for you. And as usual, if you decide to build your store and you struggle to finish it, we are happy to work with you to complete it.

Some clients may approach us and want us to let them build the layout, but they want to implement their store or vice versa. We believe in being as flexible as we can, which allows us to work within most budget constraints for any business.


Key benefits of our WordPress Training Adelaide consulting

  • ¬†An affordable solution for businesses on how to learn to use WordPress for the first time.
  • Save website development costs by learning skills that allow you to manage your own website
  • Learn to build your own website from scratch with our help using WYSIWYG tools
  • We can take over the management of the website if you decide later or for a short period of time if you want to offload your website changes.
  • We are flexible to offer hourly rates so you only have to pay us when you need our support.
  • We also provide Australian web hosting services
  • WebJex offers local SEO services to help you rank your website on search engines.
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