Get started with WordPress by joining Adelaide WordPress meetup group.

Once a month local WordPress users and developers meet once a month to discuss WordPress which is hosted by Alex who also runs his own web design agency. Alex has worked in the field for over a decade and provides really valuable information that you can get back to work and apply.

I myself personally have been using WordPress for over a decade myself, but I found through networking with other people at my first meetup that it was a great way to meet like-minded people who use WordPress.

Find Adelaide WordPress Help

Although you can always contact us for help with your WordPress website the meetup group has a mix of designers, developers and content writers who you can meet in a casual envrioment and you know that you are meeting people who live and breathe WordPress.

The advantage of the local meetup group is that you can exchange details in person and not feel obligated to commit to anything that you feel unsure about. Also learning about WordPress through the presentations is a great way to upskill yourself without having to rely on paid WordPress courses.

For more information about the Meetup and to RSVP you can visit the dedicated page at: WordPress Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia).