WordPress Adelaide Meetup Group At The Oak Hotel, Hindley St

About The WordPress Adelaide Meetup Group.

WordPress Meetup AustraliaOnce a month, there is a WordPress Adelaide meetup group that meets at the West Oak hotel (Hindley Street, Adelaide). The group typically meets from 6 pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

I have been using WordPress for over a decade myself, but I found through networking with other people at my first meetup was helpful. It was a great way to meet like-minded people who use WordPress professionally and for recreational blogging.

Find Adelaide WordPress Help

Although you can always contact us for WebJex for help with your WordPress website as we do provide WordPress training for businesses in Adelaide. But if you are located in another city, there are benefits of attending a local WordPress meetup group. Usually, the WordPress meetup groups have a mixed crowd of designers, developers and writers who you can meet in a casual environment. It is refreshing to know that you are meeting people who live and breathe WordPress.

The advantage of the local meetup group is that you can exchange details in person and not feel obligated to commit to anything. Also learning about WordPress through the presentations is a great way to upskill yourself without having to rely on paid WordPress courses.

For more information about the Meetup and to RSVP, you can visit the dedicated MeetUp.com page at WordPress Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia).

Meet Local Adelaide WordPress Users

WordPress is a CMS platform that is used by millions of website users and used for all kinds of websites ranging from blogs, news websites, e-commerce sites. WordPress is a fantastic platform for local businesses wanting to build their website cost-effectively. When you attend a WordPress meetup, you get to network with other like-minded users of WordPress and get help and be able to help other users. By swapping stories and experiences, you get to be part of someone else’s solution to having a problem solved of theirs. You can also scout for other developers who may be a good fit for your next project or who can help you achieve bigger goals with your site.

Another benefit of attending a WordPress meetup group can help speed up your learning curve of WordPress. Every session usually covers a WordPress 101 that is then followed by a small break that allows you to network and afterwards, another topic presented. Often the main discussion is anything ranging from web hosting, security and particular tools and plugins. Networking is useful as there are so many plugins and themes to choose from that it is worthwhile hearing about people’s experiences with particular plugins. Some of the best WordPress plugins and themes are the ones that aren’t yet highly visible on the WordPress marketplace.

Advanced users of WordPress will still benefit from attending a meetup to sit in on Q&A and developer-level talks. These talks usually are hosted at the end of the meeting, which fewer people remain behind to attend. Discussions for developers vary as it goes into programming and system-level talks.

Attending WordPress meetup is currently free in Adelaide! (other meetups may differ) which practically makes this a FREE and powerful learning resource at your disposal to get ahead in learning about the latest features in WordPress.WordPress Meetup Adelaide

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