Why WordPress is shaking up the web design industry

We build websites at WebJex using WordPress and we know it has made things difficult for web designers and agencies and caused a stir over the last decade. Some have labelled WordPress as a security nightmare and others have claimed it has saved them thousands in development costs and them having to go to a professional.

This article will discuss WordPress from an industry point of view based on over 10 years of website production work using WordPress for our clients.

Websites use to be ALL code

Back in the ’90s and the ‘2000s front end website developers and even backend interfaces did not exist for websites in the way they do today. Most websites were created by coding HTML, CSS and Javascript into their sites and the skillset was in high demand.

WordPress is used by web design agencies, freelancers and bloggers all over the world because it is so well supported. WordPress is also not dependent on skillset relating to web design either.

This means that people born in the 80s or 90s who learnt code as a kid, went on to study at university to learn how to code are competing in a changing industry where the requirement to know as much (coding skills) to succeed in the industry is now minimal. Compare this to when the individual was in school and everyone begged the one web designer in the class to edit their MySpace profile layout for them.

Nowadays anyone can take a short course on YouTube on how to build a website and get access to basically what’s referred to as an ‘App store’ where people can download plugins for their site, enabling the features they want and a theme for little or no expense.

WordPress is free and so is many of its plugins and themes

Themes and plugins have been mostly free for over the last decade, so WordPress has the reputation of being a free plugin and theme platform. If you need a premium paid plugin for your website the associated costs to upgrade is not substantial and often works out to be a lot cheaper than hiring a developer.

This makes it very easy and cost-effective to start a website especially if you have limited knowledge of web design and on a tight budget.

WordPress is not just for beginners who are getting started with their site. WordPress overall is a super amazing platform to build websites and if you have developed your skills with WordPress and invest in expanding your knowledge of the platform will allow you to build better customisations for your website.

If you are feeling brave you can dive into web development and learn how to edit and create WordPress themes and plugins, or you can use a well-featured plugin that has their own API that allows integrations with minimal coding required.

It is safe to say that choosing WordPress for your website is an all-round solid choice for website owners.

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