So what is local SEO? Search engine optimisation which you may already be familiar with, is the process we go through to make sure our website is being indexed correctly by search engines like Google.

Local Seo is about getting results shown places that is more relevant. For example if you’re a local Adelaide plumber you wouldn’t want your pages showing up in the wrong city.

It’s a really good idea to get visibility in any local searches that your business is relevant for maybe you’re targeting a phrase like local accountant knotting up or digital marketing agency near me.

Do I need to hire a local SEO firm near me?

By the way. You don’t actually need a digital marketing agency near you to do local SEO.

We’re completely remote so the ability to touch someone face-to-face has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the digital marketing work. While our business structure is in place, we can be listed in search results regardless of what city our results appear in.

But you can imagine when someone searching for an emergency locksmiths that they are looking for a trusted local business near them not someone who’s a hundred fifty miles away he would take six hours to reach them. This is why some businesses will benefit from local SEO more than others.