What is cPanel?

What is Cpanel, and why does it exist?

cPanel exists for one reason and only one purpose, and that’s to provide reliable automation software for web hosting providers like WebJex. cPanel offers very economical web hosting software that makes web hosting accessible and easy to use to a vast audience. Some might say that even your grandma could learn how to use it.
cPanel builds their software primarily for web hosting companies powerlifting offer economical web hosting services to provide cost-effective hosting for their customers.

Some people might go as far as to say that they empower the world to be able to sell cheap web hosting. But make no mistake! cPanel and WHM provide nothing short of an actual superior web hosting automation experience for web hosting providers and website owners.

20% of websites on the internet use cPanel

Did you know that 20% of websites rely on Cpanel and WHM? cPanel provides such things as e-commerce company website personal blogs of the application hosted by making this process super-efficient 60 seconds or less it cuts down on the costs of doing business. This is enabling people globally to have the little gold website for a few dollars a year you get inexpensive hosting better service and a common interface regardless of which hosting provider you use that uses cPanel.

cPanel could be summarised as a tool that allows almost anyone to run a hosting company as simple as few button presses and in a few clicks. cPanel has turned a once complicated and a very expensive process into what is considered now as simple standard.

cPanel is a program that runs on Linux based web hosting servers. It’s currently the industry standard, and it’s used by most web hosting companies out there. Now. It’s designed to make managing your web hosting account much easier by using a graphical interface with lots of different tools in it.


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