Waze App Taking Adelaide Drivers By Craze

I don’t often write articles in the first person but I am super excited about a new GPS app for driving and it’s growing by the day in users around the world. I want to share what Waze app for Android and iPhone and why I love this app enough to write about it.

WebJex is a technology-focused business. We are passionate about technology and in particular the industry here in South Australia and we want to connect people and businesses to more useful technology. Waze is a new technology made from existing technology that is taking Adelaide drivers by craze. We as a tech and web design business find this app very useful for getting around to meeting people and being able to get there on time by finding the best routes that aren’t congested. It’s a real tool for middle and upper management who have a heavy daily work schedule of driving.

Waze is a GPS app that uses user-based feedback to give real-time data about local incident reporting that concerns drivers.

Waze is a recently acquired company of Google that has created its own people-powered driving app. The main reason why this is a better app than Google Maps is because Waze relies on it’s users to report. This is done by measuring and using your location data and distance travelled over a period of time to work out your speed. If multiple users on a street that should be a fast-paced road than the app is going to report that traffic is slow as a cross-reference.

This is one way that apps work out when traffic is congested but these apps don’t tell you everything like speed cameras.

Waze tells you about secret roadside cameras.

If a user or a passenger in a vehicle like on a bus they can report in traffic incidents ranging from speed cameras, roadside breath and alcohol testing buried water mains and other incidents. These incidents wouldn’t normally come up on Google maps.

Using Waze has been warned by police while driving, but the app is legal

Just to summarise recent media reports. If you touch your phone while driving you are committing an offence. So if you report in an incident please make sure you are pulled over safely with your entire off, keys out of the ignition and handbrake are secure and your car is not going anywhere. And then when you’re no longer in control of your vehicle you can submit a report. However, we just recommend if you have a passenger for them to do it on their own phone. We want to encourage and stress that this app is no excuse for mobile phones to be a distraction and that if you need to interact with any GPS mapping or with your mobile phone at all, you pull over safely. Please check your local state law regarding mobile phone usage if you have any concerns.

Waze app key features are to let you know where to get fuel or if you should fill up at night

One of the many exciting features is the ability to look up nearby petrol stations and see which one is the cheapest. If you create a trip and you add a fuel stop to your stops, you will get recommendations where to fill up on the way. We think this is an excellent way to save money when most of us don’t have time to check other pricing websites while on the go.

Save your favourite locations for future trips

You can save trips to use again at another time. It’s not a groundbreaking feature but the app is really simple to use and has more features than Google maps GPS and it’s a feature that they do really well by offering a clean and sleek interface design.

Download Waze for iPhone & Android

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You can also access a web page version of Waze app here



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