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Looking for a reliable Netflix VPN Hosting?

At WebJex we provide VPN Hosting that can help you easily overcome any insecurities you may have when it comes to browsing online anonymously and getting around Geo location filtering which can be frustrating for anyone visisting from overseas to Australia and needing a UK / US VPN or proxy to be able to view the content.

For $9.00 AUD a month you can get peace of mind when browsing the internet by using our VPN service which can easily be configured and installed using our installation setup program for Mac OS and Windows PC.

Further platforms can be supported with manual configuration and setup which we can assist if need be by raising a ticket with our customer support service.


Why choose us for VPN Hosting?

As in addition we don’t keep any logs, we are a whitelabel VPN provider meaning we buy accounts at a wholesale price and we sell VPN’s on a minimal price-markup making us a very affordable and compeititve provider. We don’t sell your information to third parties nor do we keep tabs on your usage.

While we run our VPN service in such a way that WebJex being an Australian business that we keep no logs, no session timestamps or time keeping or which IP was assigned to you. Infact the only information we keep is everything in our billing panel. As a result, in the event we had to cooperate with an law enforcement agency they woud not be able to link your billing details to any usage on our end.

We also have servers across many western and non-western countries to choose from.

Best thing, if you ever running into problems you can e-mail, call us or raise a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Netflix Friendly

Watch US Netflix with ease!

Reliable Network Speeds

Servers are optimized and hosted on fast reliable servers.

Access Worldwide IP's

Multiple servers in most western countries.

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