Web Design and Tech: The last decade and what has changed

When I was working for a web design firm in 2010 we were in a not-so-long-ago time where FaceBook had massive reach and most of us had our hands on an iPhone or a decent 3G mobile device. To put things into perspective, we had Samsung phones, and we had iPhones but we didn’t have the technological rivalry between the company two companies.

Instagram had just been launched in late 2010 and wasn’t even a question I asked for five years if a business had one or not. Nowadays every business I talk to I’m always bringing up the big social media giants.

The last decade has been another decade of fast-path growth for the growing worldwide web. If you compare the fact that 20 years ago Telstra was only had just started offering ADSL broadband and it took 10 years to get most of the country connected to stable internet.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a campaign promise in the 2007 election about building the NBN using fibre to the premises. At the time the NBN was debated to be an ‘overkill’ and compromises were made to save costs. The NBN was a very much debated topic among technology enthusiasts and by too many people in power not understanding the technology.

Regardless of your view on the NBN issue, we can tell you now that the NBN is already in the works of being eventually replaced by the growing 5G network. Although this won’t be something we will be seeing until the middle of the next decade on a mass-market scale.

Websites have very much changed across the web in the last decade, The cost of producing and maintaining a website has dropped thanks to the competition between web agencies that have popped up.

Websites are focused on social media marketing and referring social media visitors to your website or vice versa. This trend changed after FaceBook introduced FaceBook pixel which gives publishers and businesses the ability to retarget ads on social media.

Another noticeable change has been the number of website builders and their technologies. As mentioned before due to the advancements in developing responsive websites using automated user interfaces the cost of labour of creating a website has dramatically decreased.

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