Sydney VPS, WebJex Launches Sydney Based Server Hosting

We have launched our OpenVZ Sydney VPS range in Australia. We believe that VPS’s in Australia shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and we wanted to offer flexible pricing so that you can pick what resources you need.

Why get a Sydney VPS?

Having a VPS located in Sydney can dramatically increase your response times to the server. What this means if you have a website located in Sydney and your business is solely based within Australia, your site users will be able to load your webpages quicker. Also in addition to this if you are running your site content on a CDN like CloudFlare the distance for the cache to be loaded from CloudFlare’s servers in Australia is shorter which means the CloudFlare’s cache will cache quicker from the VPS which means further increase in performance.

If your website is hosted overseas, you can benefit from having a node hosted in different regions around the world which offers a layer of redundancy and performance increase, especially if your site is also utilising the CloudFlare network for caching.

Upgrading from shared hosting to a Sydney VPS

If you are currently hosting on a shared hosting environment, you may benefit from upgrading to a VPS. This will add a layer of security and make sure other sites traffics hosted on the same server isn’t causing your site to perform less; this is known as the bad neighbourhood effect.

You can run your own applications on a Sydney VPS such as MineCraft, TeamSpeak and manage your own specific requirements.

The primary advantage of running a VPS is the ability to run your own applications and software. For example, if you want to run your own private mail server, you have the flexibility to do that. Some people use VPS’s as a backup solution for their business to securely backup files to a remote location as an additional safety measure against the potential risks of fires.

A VPS also is ‘always on’ so if you need to have access to files located on an office premise you could install a VPN service on your VPS and whitelist your IP address on your secure network and access work-sensitive data remotely through your own VPN that you host and manage yourself. The advantage of this is that you can integrate your own privacy policy and record and log usage at your discretion. A VPS can be a tool used to help run software that requires to be online 24/7 and helps decrease your power bill by migrating that service to a VPS. In fact, you could make your money back if you bought a VPS for your business in the power saving costs. Let’s not forget that hosting a Sydney VPS allows you to keep your data within Australia and increases your security compliance with Australian privacy laws. This benefit alone allows you to also become relevant in Australian search results as it does help to have your website hosted on the same country that the business operates in.¬†


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You can manage your VPS account by accessing the information in your account login dashboard after signing up.

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