Submit Your Site To Google And 80+ Search Engines

Submit Your Site To Google And 80+ Search Engines

Thanks to our search booster tool you can through WebJex now submit your site to Google as well as to another 80+ search engines and directories for a small fee. This allows for your website to be listed on the premium search listing sites that have high authority that in return increase your ranking and exposure. This alone won’t dramatically increase your ranking, but instead, offer a kick start to your ranking that will cut the time needed in half to get you higher on search engines after you have successfully optimised your website.

Why submit your site to Google and other sites?

Having a social presence on FaceBook and other social media websites is not enough typically to drive enough organic traffic to your website. You can, of course, create ads that can be expensive in the long run or you can invest in having your website ranking on the top pages for your industry by optimising your website and linking and networking with other websites to gain credibility as an authoritative brand in your industry. By submitting your websites to search engines and other directories you will appear elsewhere on the internet under searches that match the pages of your website. Your website will be recrawled and checked for new content on a regular basis and having our premium website submission service on your tool belt will benefit your website greatly.

Use our webstats tool to monitor your progress with SEO

We have a great tool that takes the technical information about your website and puts it in an easy to understand format and offers a functioning web & mobile login so you can check how you are progressing with your ranking on the go. You will get real time analytic information about your site as well as the ability to track FaceBook, Google & Twitter. You can read more and signup for our webstat tool by clicking here. This is an additional service we offer and isn’t part of our ‘Submit your site to Google’ package. We recommend having both tools if you are planning to do SEO on your own or wanting to learn about SEO for your own business.

Monthly automatically submit your site to google and other search engines

Get your website found online in 80+ search engines and directories with monthly updates keeping your site optimized with new listings and better search ranking. You can manually submit your site to Google by clicking here. However, submitting your sites manually is a tedious task and since more and more search engines are getting added each month to the internet it becomes a job in it’s own to submit your site constantly. By using this tool we can put your web pages in the queue to be scanned on a more regular basis which allows your website to bump up more often in the search results.

Monitor your search engine performance

Our search booster uses real-time search engine data and analysis tools to report on your website’s performance and compare your results with competitors.

FREE automatic live updates

Receive LIVE updates includes new Search Engines and Directories and also updated tools for the best Search Engine Optimisation procedures.

  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy SEO Procedures
  • Step-By-Step Optimisation
  • Keyword Generator
  • Meta Tags Generator
  • Website Analysis
  • Competition Manager
  • Website Positioning
  • Easy Control Panel
  • FREE Live Updates
  • Instant Account Activation

Click here to submit your site to Google and 80+ search engines!


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