SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate secures your website and benefits your search ranking as a trusted website.

Our SSL certificates start from $2.95 /mo

About SSL Certificates

If you’re planning on selling products or services online you will need to provide extra security to your customers. Not only will this help you rank better in Google and generate more sales but it will increase trust and make your site PCI compliant.

You may already have SSL features with your current hosting package, but chances are it’s shared and the information packets don’t contain your business’s domain or name.

Every SSL Certificate comes with a $100,000 warranty for your business along with dozens of benefits and offers.

What are SSL Certificates?

A website that has an SSL certificate installed ensures that all website traffic between your web server and the user’s browser is secured.

When your website has an active SSL certificate the application protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS.

Why would I use SSL Certificates?
  • You rank better on Google if you have one.
  • Increase consumer trust with your website and brand.
  • Increase website security
  • Help prevent your business from being held liable for data breaches.

Increase SEO

Websites with SSL enabled rank higher on search engine results.

Increased Security

Let your customers know that their information being sent is encrypted.

PCI Compliant

If you run an online eCommerce store without a valid SSL certificate you breach industry compliance and risk being liable for damages.

SSL Certificate Prices

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