Should a new business invest in SEO?

First of all, we aren’t posting this to do ourselves out of business but to ultimately help anyone who may be a new business owner considering SEO. You may be in the process of making a website or you have recently created one and you don’t know to invest in SEO or not. Why should a new business invest in SEO? Well, firstly we recommend the business to only invest in SEO if they are past the ‘trial’ stage of the business. SEO is a commitment regardless if you are doing the SEO yourself or hiring an agency to do it.

SEO is important for the long term but may not need to be a priority.

SEO campaigns can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the competition in your industry. You also need to weigh up your competitive advantage with your existing methods of getting customers.

If you have started a business and you are able to have a decent number of contacts who may be interested in your service we would highly recommend you stick at your business for a few months. The reason why we recommend not investing in SEO during the first few months is the fact your business idea may ‘realistically’ won’t survive after a year regardless of your search engine ranking.

Understanding people burn out, give up on their ideas and factors outside of their control may just mean they can’t continue. So it makes sense not to invest in SEO too early, it’s like buying a house and going through the process of deciding if this is the right step for you financially.

If you have been operating for a few months and you have generated sustainable income and you are looking for ways to generate more leads it’s time to consider SEO.

Start first with local SEO

As we would discuss and inform you when you sign up to our SEO packages it’s best to start with specific keywords that match the area your service is servicing or present in. A clear example would be a local Adelaide plumber located in Brighton who has a service range of 10km. You wouldn’t want to be ranked #1 under the keyword ‘Plumbers Adelaide’ if you only service a small part of Adelaide metro.

You might be thinking “Hey, I would want to rank #1 regardless” especially since it’s a key term that most people would use. However, part of ranking on Google is relevance and how many people exit your site after visiting. In fact, this is just 2 of the dozens of metrics that search engines use to gauge your website.

Good content and relevant content is key

Using the previous example of our plumber wanting to rank on Google. They are more likely to rank higher if they are optimising their keywords under ‘Plumbers Brighton’ and similarly for nearby suburbs. As Google will learn where to show your listing to and which locale. You can also give Google this information by registering your business on Google.

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