Monthly Service Search Engine Optimisation

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Monthly Service Search Engine Optimisation Service: We will provide backlinks to your website, submit articles, write articles, provide keyword research, overhaul the wording of your website to suit to be Google-friendly. This is a month-to-month arrangement and will run for 30 days.

The amount of work done on your websites search engine optimisation may vary from month to month depending on what tasks are required. We typically charge $25.00 AUD per hour for SEO so if your SEO service bill is $200 you are looking at 8 hours of SEO work being done. One of the benefits of our SEO services is we are very flexible: For example if you specifically want us to do solely backlinking each month we will do 8 hours of backlinking (using above example) if you would prefer if the content of your website was managed in-house (maybe for company security policy reasons) we can work around that to provide off-site SEO.

Remember, there is no commitment to our Monthly Service Search Engine Optimisation.



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