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STEP 1 – SEO Explained

By the end of this page we are going to have SEO Explained to you with easy to understand language and to educate you on things you can do to improve your SEO ranking.

Decide on your few chosen keywords for your website that you believe people would be typing into search engines such as Google to find you.

We will put those watchword phrases into Google planner and check whether they are great keywords to concentrate on. We will also check to see whether there is high finishing on those words, or if there is low fulfillment. When we arrive at the conclusion that we have 3 great keywords expressions to concentrate on, we go to stage 2.


If you answer is no, then ask yourself “what will my client type into Google when I want them to find me”. Those, should be your keywords. 

If the answer is yes, then great, and continue to next questions:

  • How many times can you see / read that particular phrase on your website? Remember that Google can’t read your logo or any other images.
  • Do you use page titles on your pages?
  • Do you have it as a heading H1 headings as well as maybe a few H2 and H3 headings?
  • Do you have those words again anywhere in the text? And how many times? Not enough is bad and too much is even worse. We help find the sweet spot for your SEO keywords.

SEO Explained Further


See below for more information on the process we follow for SEO.


We will add Google analytics tracking to your website.


We will add Google search console and research who your audience is in your city and state.


We will organise off-site linking to be done and submitted to local listings and directories to create backlinks to your site.


We need to look at your keyword phrases and keywords.

  • Keyword density – no keyword stuffing
  • Your keywords should not be less than 2-3% of total page content.


How much text is there in the website? If there is too limited amount of text on the website pages for the search engines to index them. We might suggest adding some text to some pages.


  • All meta titles on the website will be revised.
  • All meta descriptions on the website will be revised.


  • All page titles on the website will be revised. (maximum of 10 pages in this quote)
  • All page Url’s on the website will be revised and some might be changed. Those that we need to change, we will submit the change to Google. We will also set up a permanent redirect for that page.


  • We make sure every page has at least one H1 heading coded the right way. This might also need some css styling.
  • Larger text areas will be divided with subheadings coded with h2 and so forth. You will benefit from having subheadings and we will use keywords that are relevant to the text paragraph.

Bold Text

  • Some important keywords on some pages needs to be bold.


  • Large images files slows down a website and is not good for SEO. Even if your image is small on the screen/your website, the system might be resizing it for the display. We will make sure the images don’t exceed the recommended image size and we will make them lighter using a plugin in WordPress.
  • Images should have alt, title and description tags as Google and the search engines cant read or understand an image without these codes and they make a difference to your on-page SEO. We will do a maximum of 5 images per page.


  • Clear contact details on a contact page is important. We make sure your website has what Google is looking for and match it with your Google my business page.
  • Footer makes a difference as well. We make sure your website has what Google is looking for in the footer.


  • We will go through your external links, making sure they open in a new browser window, and if too many, add the code no-follow for Google.
  • Internal links between the pages of the website is good SEO practice. We link good keywords and make sure the keywords are present on the target page.

Site Map

  • We create a xml-site map and submit it to Google and Bing. This is a sitemap that is not found and used by your visitors, it is so the search engines can find all your different pages.

We hope you enjoyed reading how our article ‘SEO Explained’ and hope it has clarified a lot of the misconceptions about SEO. If you have any questions or would like to get an SEO overhaul on your website feel free to contact us.

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