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How long before my website ranks higher?

Once you submit your website using Traffic Booster’s submission process, it will be added to the search engine’s crawling rotation, and they will start scanning your site using their bots – often called spiders – to read it and define what it contains. This will determine the value of your website content to their users and decide on the ranking and position.

Search engines receive millions of site submission requests daily. Depending on the search engine and the bot rotation your site can be listed within one day to 4 weeks. Again, this depends on the cycle of the bots, and when the next schedule is, there is no schedule on this bot rotation.


Why do I need SEO for my website?

Search Engine Optimisation making your website readable by search e are ensuring that search engines like Google can adequately read your site.

If your business has services or products not selling on your site, the root cause is most likely the lack of organic reach. Organic reach is better for your trade than relying on ads to acquire new customers. Not only is it much cheaper, but it also helps build authority having other websites link to your content. A successful SEO campaign will put your pages on the first page of Google. 90% of searchers won’t go past the first five results on the first page, so it is essential you

Imagine you could get a steady stream of site visitors – not just any visitors, but those who are interested in what you do and what your business has to offer. These are people who are already looking for your business and services – right now.

Research overwhelmingly suggests that the higher your site appears in search results, the more people click on your website.

That’s why SEO is necessary for any site. Even if you have great marketing that brings you results, SEO can provide you with more targeted traffic and, through it, more sales and revenue.

How do I get top search engine listing?

Different search engines have different advice for site owners, but all of them have one goal. That goal is to give their searchers the best, most relevant results for what they want to find. While you should optimise your pages for search engines with Traffic Booster, your main effort should be to give people the best, easiest experience with the most relevant information that you can.

If you focus on giving people a good experience and sharing your site with interested visitors, you can bet that search engines will notice and value that.

Traffic Booster will help you apply search engines’ best practices for optimisation. This includes checking all the links throughout your site to make sure they haven’t been broken, optimising your meta tags and submitting every one of your site URLs to their indexes. More importantly, it includes detailed reports on the results of your SEO strategy, giving you insight into how your website is doing.

How do I submit my website to search engines?

Submitting directly to the search engines

Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console

You can submit to Google by using Google search console. You will be needed to verify the ownership of your domain.

The two ways to get verified are:

  • Download the HTML file (example: google30r4303hjhgdsgj.html) and upload the file to the root directory of your public directory. Then click verify, and Google will verify that HTML file exists. You will also need to keep this file in place so Google can regularly verify you are the owner of the website still.
  • You can add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS records. The benefit of choosing this way to verify your domain is even if the Google verification file is deleted from your website you will still remain verified.

Once your website is added, you can manually submit your pages individually and request Google to reindex your site again at any time. However, if you just want for Google to make routine visits to your website, this is all you need to do to get listed.


The slower but easiest way to get indexed on search engines

If you aren’t tech-savvy at all and submitting to search engines seems like too much of a task to do, you have another few options to get your website listed on search engines.

Firstly, you can share your website pages on social media and ask people to share, retweet and repost your page. Not only is this helping you get the content out there, which is super beneficial for social media marketing, but this helps search engines find you quicker.

The reason being is search engines crawl websites and the links that they have indexed. The more times your link is posted on other websites, the more important search engines consider your website to be.

SEO Scan

Traffic Booster’s comprehensive scan checks your website for many SEO factors and policies that affect your website ranking, including keywords, broken links, page titles and more.



Detailed reports show you how your website ranks, top referring keywords, link building profile report, and indexed page information – then shows you where improvements can be made for the best optimisation and results.


Our SEO tools uses the latest optimisation benchmarks, suggests the right keywords targeted to your market, shows any page errors with recommended fixes, and most importantly builds Meta tags to help improve your ranking.


When you’re ready to go just click ‘Submit’ to automatically submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and the most popular online directories. Traffic Booster’s live updates will apply new tools, search listings and directories as they are available to your account – ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

Search Booster is also SEO DIY tool

You can optimise your website without hiring an expert if you have a little understanding of how websites work.

If you have a basic understanding of how websites work you will find further benefits of using our search booster tool. The tool scans your website and makes recommended site changes that will further increase your search engine exposure. These changes if executed will continue to make additional improvements to your website ranking.

Features of Search Booster

Our all-in-one SEO wizard fully optimises and improves your website for the best results

Search Engine Submitter 

Keyword Generator

Link Checker

Automatic Updates

SEO Wizard

Site Positioning

Competitor Analysis

Meta Tag Generator

In-depth Site Scans

SEO Control Panel

Why we recommend search booster

It’s simply the cost effective way to increase fast-track your SEO campaign without the timely tasks of manually submitting your site to each search engine.

Our traffic booster helps people find your website listed in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Below we have included some tips to help get your website on the most common search engines. However there are over 80+ search engine directories out there and submitting your website to all of them is quite a task.

Our search booster takes the repeitive tasks of submitting your site and does this for you using automated tools to get your website noticed faster.

By submitting your website using our search booster you get this process done for you in a few clicks for what is a relative long task to submit to ALL of the hundreds of search engine directories out there.

Having a higher volume of search directories linking to your website increases your chances of having that website rank higher on search results in general. It also increases how often search engines will consider scanning your website depending on other factors as well.

Our search booster submits to over 80+ search engines in a few clicks and ensures that your website gets added to new search engines as they are added.

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