Search Engine Optimisation

Adelaide Search Engine Optimisation

Adelaide Search Engine Optimisation


WebJex Search Engine Optimisation is a web design & SEO agency based in Adelaide. Australia wide, we are dedicated to providing the best quallity Search Engine Optimisation solution to our clients.

We start off with our clients with a one on one meeting so we set expectations for delivery of results and explain about how the process works to give you a better educated understanding of what SEO is and how it affects your business everyday.


When we take on a new client we do some valuable research about your business, your compeitors and what keywords they are typing in to find your business and your competitors. From there we set monthly goals and give you a monthly breakdown of results comparing where you were the previous month to now and future projections.





Adelaide Search Engine Optimisation


Search Page Optimisation is about attracting new leads to your website. This may not be to particularly purchase something from your site, or to become a client. SEO is about funneling the right traffic to the right page on your website. For example a FaceBook advertisement may have an attractive title about something the targetted user would be interested in. The prospect clicks the link and signs up to recieve access to the free content. This is known as a calll-to-action because you are leading the prospect into ‘taking action’ whether that be signing up, giving you their e-mail address with consent, trying a product or just by offering an interesting article.

We will explain the differnt ways of us helping you generate leads on your website and help you choose the best tools to make the most of your website.

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