Reseller & White Label

Our Reseller & White Label services is our professional solution for other agencies wanting to scale their team for however long it suits them.

cPanel & WHM Powered

cPanel is known for being one of the most trusted web hosting solutions in the industry. It is trusted by many web hosting providers across the world.

About Reseller & White Label

With all the website agencies out there we always aim to do differently than our competitors, but we generally believe that everyone should be able to build a website at an affordable price and have skilful people look after, manage and work on without the costly overhead.

What is white label website design and development?

We work behind the scenes directly for other marketing firms advertising agencies that also provide web design and SEO services to their clients. This allows them to easily expand their businesses and gain more clients without having to hire more staff or keep them on full time. By WebJex taking onboard other agency’s projects, we gain financially and in return, you get to scale your workload at cost-effective pricing for your business. You can keep us onboard project by project basis or you can negotiate a set amount of project hours each week for a retainer fee.

We try to be as flexible and affordable as possible while still providing quality work to other agencies as if we were doing them for our clients. Our integrity when it comes to doing work makes us set a high standard of work ethic that drives us to go above and beyond for your end customer’s needs. 

So why would a creative agency outsource their website design and development work to someone else?

There might be a number of different reasons to consider offloading to another agency.

  • You may have an overload of client’s projects that your team simply doesn’t have the time to allocate to the project.
  • Your business has grown but you aren’t quite ready to justify hiring someone additionally to join your business.
  • You have had a bad streak of using unreliable freelancers who don’t perform well and ‘mysteriously’ disappear when you try to contact them.
  • You want to grow your business by taking on more customers as your own and handballing the walk directly.
  • Your business might not even be in the web design industry but want to be able to sell the occasional website service in business meetings. This could be seen as a potential additional revenue stream for a consultation business.


We can also provide cPanel & WHM Australian based web hosting for agencies and freelancers who are looking to host their client’s websites within Australia. We heavily optimise our web servers to deliver better speeds and optimisation to our client’s website end users. We also don’t oversell on our resources so although we may be more expensive than other budget hosts, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to web hosting.

Our ambition is to provide stable and speedy web hosting at a cost-effective price and maintain a good reputation. We genuinely care about your business and we try to help every business we work with in every way we can.

How much does white label cost?

White label services are a custom negotiated fee based on your needs. Usually charged at an hourly rate or per project/site basis.

What's the difference between reseller & white label?

Our reseller services allow our infrastructure resources to be rented out. This is ideal for web design agencies that don’t have a lot of experience dealing with the technical side of web servers, DNS, firewalls and all the rest of the bells and whistles of responsibilities that come with managing your own servers.

White label is a service that we take on other web agency’s work and produce content, websites, SEO work under their own brand and identity.

The advantage of this to agencies is that this option may be a lot cheaper than hiring a full time or even part-time employee for a one-off huge project.


What services do you provide for white label?
  • Web design using most web builders.
  • SEO
    • Link building
    • Technical SEO
    • Blogging / Article Writing
    • Article spinning
    • Image compression
    • Webpage optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Reputation Management
  • Creative Services
  • Web Development**

**Web Development subject to project approval and availability.

Backup Solutions

If you need an off-site backup solution for your websites or data we have enterprise backup solutions available.

Our websites on our servers are backed up automatically and are flagged immediately if a backup has failed to be created.

Using Latest Tech

We utilise CloudFlare, cPanel, CloudLinux & more to provide a secure, speedy and reliable platform for our resellers & white label partners.

Reseller Support

We like to resolve issues before they become problems in an effective and timely manner.

Reseller Plans

**Unlimited is subject to fair use with our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to cap our users who abuse our fair use policy.**

White Label Solutions

Get in touch with WebJex to discuss potential white label services for your business. We typically offer month to month contracts and are flexible with non-disclosure agreements and respect your business brand and privacy of your brand and clients. We will not contact your clients on your behalf unless consent is given by yourself.

White label is recommended for web designers, freelancers, bloggers, graphic designers and SEO specialists who are looking to expand their team at what is cost-effective without the usual risks involved with hiring freelancers.

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