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WebJex Website Design Adelaide Prices

Here at WebJex we take pride in our affordable website design Adelaide prices to help budget small and big businesses achieve big results without breaking the bank. For our clients we start first by analysing our clients needs by doing a holistic evaluation of the...

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The Team

Michael Carter

WebJex Proprietor

Michael started out creating websites from the age of 12 and has since run online communities including IRC servers, successful MineCraft servers, worked for three web design agencies and started his own to address some of the challenges when it comes to web design in the era of 2019.

Michael believes passionately that there is a lot more to building a website than just using a website builder and slapping together a website and selling it on an inflated price plan when the client never actually owns their own website.

Despite WebJex only haven been around since early 2017, Michael has grown WebJex to have the ability to set competitive pricing for our services that are comparable to be below the average market price for the same service. Michael has invested his personal savings into starting WebJex to be able to meet the growing expectations of clients in delivering world-class hosting services.

News & PRESS

We love to work with journalists around the world to share information regarding industry related concerns, news and to comment on changes in regulations and laws around the world and in particularly Australia. If you’re a member of a media and would like to talk, please get in touch with us.

We are proudly South Australian owned and operated.

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