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We create smart websites for small to medium-sized businesses that want to grow.

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We are an Adelaide Web Design Agency and our goal is to create affordable websites websites for small and medium-sized businesses that have a ROI. We have flexible annual or monthly pricing options that will fit anyone’s web design budget. We consider ourselves to be a flexible Adelaide web agency for your next WordPress website.

We can start you from scratch and create your entire business image – from logo, to business cards, brochures, flyers, HTML newsletters and web sites (and anything else in between). No matter what your business type or structure is – WebJex can help!

WebJex specialising in Web Design primarily, we also specialise in E-Commerce Solutions, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, E-mail Hosting and assisting in building automatic systems for businesses.

Call WebJex today to find more about our web design services and to get started! All our websites are content driven based on your brand and marketing goals. You can count on WebJex web design to develop and design your new dynamic mobile friendly responsive website.

Every few years something becomes the next big thing and keeping up with these changes for any business is hard enough let alone being able to scale and adapt fast enough to be ahead of the curve.

WebJex isn’t just a web design and web hosting agency located in little old Adelaide that pushes out websites and hosts them for our clients.

We create solutions for your business who want to be using the latest technology with the latest strategies that creates real changes to your business that saves you time and even money in your day to day business costs.

For example if your website e-mail contact form sends an e-mail to you with a new lead which you would have to add it manually to a CRM. We would typically recommend implementing a cost effective system that turns your enquiries into leads faster using systems already available for free or low cost that would save you a heck amount of time and could potentially save costs.

And to make sure we are doing all we can, we will provide all your affordable web hosting and domain needs and host your website on world leading platforms and services.

Website Services

If you are struggling with your website presence not achieving the goals you want it to achieve then we want to hear from you. Contact WebJex for all your website and marketing needs.  

Web Design & ECommerce

Search Engine Optimisation

Australian Web Hosting

We go above and beyond to be able to offer more


Ideas & Concepts

Responsive Design

Technical Support

We play well with others in your existing marketing team

Built on WordPress

More than 30% of websites online use WordPress

Our responsive website design is tailored to your specific needs and your branding. Responsive websites allow us to create flexible designs that work for mobile and tablet devices to. We makie clean websites and we take pride in creating a positive look and feel for your site. Your customers are more increasingly using their phones and mobile devices to browse the web, so it makes sense to be able to provide a comfortable web browsing experience for those users. Also Google deems it necessary in order to have good search engine placement that your website needs to be responsive or it will be disadvantaged in the search engine rankings.

This is why we build with WordPress

WordPress is known to be one of the most widely used platforms used by millions of website owners big and small that is maintained by a huge community that continue to make WordPress even more secure.

WordPress is a platform that allows powerful e-commerce websites to be set up at a lower cost expense to your budget. The benefit of using WordPress is the accessibility to the backend where you can manage content on your website without touching a line of code.

We create custom theme templates for your website that gives you the freedom to add content to and creates flexibility to learn WordPress and make changes on your own.

We build on WordPress because we want our clients to be in control of their websites, without the need of heavily relying on others to coordinate changes. It doesn’t make sense to build websites in 2020 that aren’t editable by the site owner.

When we finish your website we will optimise the WordPress backend to suit your needs and remove the undeeded clutter and optimise for performance and speed. 

E-Commerce & Integrations

Your e-commerce site built on WordPress or Shopify 

Free Shared SSL Certificates

Free SSL certificates issued by cPanel on our business shared plans.

Payment Processing Integration

Hosted In Sydney Australia

We Build For A Successful ROI

SEO & Social Media

Flexible SEO rates available per the hour, retainer or per project

Local SEO

Social Media Management

FaceBook Ads

Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Website Management

Website management is more than just building a website and launching it and hoping for the best. It’s also about bundling your social media, map listings, business profiles into your website. You also about having the latest security upgrades and the technology powering your website which can bein the form of plugins. 

No longer in this day and age can you have a website and be sure to know that customers will find you. Think about the ever-growing multitude of platforms have caught people’s attention and formed their own communities.

Since 2017 businesses’ have trusted WebJex to handle their online presence to include their website, social media, online maps, business directories and more. We care about your online reputation and can help you manage reviews and feedback for your business.

We care about your business and your reputation. As a small agency, we really like to get to know our clients. We won’t ever have to look up your account when you call us or email us for support and you will feel much better knowing that your website is being looked after.

Our Flexible Process

Online Marketing

WordPress websites making creating websites for small businesses to be very affordable. We charge low prices but are able to deliver high quality web page designs. We build our WordPress sites to be SEO friendly and built with security in mind. 

Shopify Partner

We are an authorised Shopify partner and can assist in managing your online store and coming up with an origional design that will make your marketplace stand out. We can also help integrate Shopify into WordPress backend and frontend for seamless integration.

Security & Support

We are here for every step of the way and beyond. Our love and passion for our client’s success which means we go above and beyond to give the best customer support for our clients that is world-class and delivered with the highest integrity.

Want us to handle everything?

We’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work and report directly to your delegated person in your organisation.

Have web design skills, but need some help?

We will show you the way forward with your website and marketing.

Already have a team?

We’ll not only plan and coordinate but can limit our involvement to fit your enterprise DND agreements.

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