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Social Media Management

We manage, create and deliver content for your brand to be posted to social media accounts. 

FaceBook Ads

We can help drive higher quality leads to your site through FaceBook Ads and reducing spending costs.

Print & Branding

Show off your brand in style with a full branding redesign that creates a professional and positive image towards your brand’s identity.

Social Media Management

We Get The Word Out

  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Social Ads

  • Boosted & Promoted Posts

  • Search & Video Ads

  • Local and Global Targeting

  • Media Buying

We Work With You

  • Dedicated Social Media Managers

  • Social Post Pre-Approvals

  • Monthly Reporting, Recommendations & Consulting

  • Custom Posts & Editorial Calendar

We Work In All Leading Social Networks 

We develop strategy, write, post, engage, build following, advertise, generate leads and sales.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube 

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest 

When websites want to get their content seen by people on search engines they optimise their website with the process called search engine optimisation or otherwise known as SEO. It’s much the same with social media marketing or social media management.

Social media management is an organic approach to improving a business social network account by creating content that gets shared and liked by users who engage with the page. The potential to get new page likes and post likes rely on the quality of the content that is being shown.

Making your business active on social media is the bottom line end goal for any succesful social media management campaign goal.

Some businesses struggle to find related topics to post about and part of our discovery procedure is to identifying missing oppertunities with their website and social networks in areas of conversation that they can be a unique authority on the topic. 

 The best part about being our clients is the fact you have the final say of what get’s posted to your business profiles but you will have all the hard work done for you. From sourcing information to post, graphic design for unique graphics for your website posts that make you beautifully standout on social media newsfeeds.

 We also help your business tap into individual niche markets that help you sell more of your products and services to newer and diverse demographics.

If this sounds like an oppertunity for your business to turbo charge your social media campaigns and improve search engine ranking, we encourage you to take part in a free consulation with us to discuss more.

Leave your social media management to the experts at WebJex.

We provide professional social media writing, posting, engagement and advertising services to build brand awareness, drive engagement and sales.

What we do:

  • Generate more leads and sales via social media
  • Develop a custom social media marketing strategy
  • Design your social network accounts
  • Create and post to your social networks daily
  • Run social media contests and sweepstakes
  • Manage social media advertising campaigns

Messenger Bots

FaceBook page bots can automate your new enquiries.

FaceBook has become the worlds largest social media platform over the last decade which has created its own messaging platform now better known as Messenger which became a more lightweight platform in comparison to its rival at the time Skype. One feature that has come about in the last year with Messenger is the ability for app developers to collect, gather and use data collected in Messenger chat conversations and be able to use that data.

The simplest way for the full capabilities of using FaceBook Messenger together this information is through the use of robots or otherwise known as bots.

Bots allow a more human response to messages sent by users which can avoid a lot of manual labour by the page’s admin team to deal with. For example, if someone messages “I need help” the bot can reply quickly with useful links and contact details. But depending on how sophisticated the bot is it could ask a follow-up question which could give a more accurate answer and so forth.


  • You run a local pizza shop and you want your customers to be able to get coupons and specials delivered to their inbox automatically without having to run e-mail or SMS campaigns.
  • You can broadcast announcements over Messenger to your customers advertising special deals.
  • Someone has a question and contacted your page out of hours. Normally the user would have to wait until next business day which may already be too late and you may lose a customer or a lead but with some AI automation you can get the bot to reply back automatically to certain questions with information.
  • You can schedule follow up messages after a certain time has passed to build rapport or to check that the customer got their order. For example you could message a customer a day after they ordered a pizza to ask how their pizza was.

Social Media Services

We build social media content that builds engagement for your brand.

What’s your biggest pain point?

We’re not sure what to do with social media. We need help getting started or moving forward with what we have now.

We are too busy to keep up with social media. We need someone to manage and grow our company’s social media.

My company is active on social media but we’re not happy with our in-house or agency results.

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