Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Australian Dedicated servers are really able to offer you the most reliable and secure web hosting services around, but in order for a dedicated server to be effective in any case you need to manage it properly
and this is where you have to choose between a managed dedicated server and an unmanaged dedicated server. Managed dedicated server hosting services are the go-to recommended
option for people who have never run or managed a VPS server instance or have managed a dedicated server before, or may not generally have the time to dedicated to managing their dedicated server properly; being able to make use of full support from a support team will also allow them to make the most of their dedicated server. If you have managed a VPS server or dedicated server before that uses the same operating system as your dedicated server then you may find managing your dedicated server a doddle, meaning that an unmanaged dedicated server would be the best option for you to go by.

How cost effective is Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed dedicated server can also be very cost effective in all situations. As this may mean a larger overhead than unmanaged servers it means you can get optional additional support. For example, you can have them secure your dedicated server to a high level – if you have them do it then you can be sure that it has been done to a high standard. Managed dedicated server hosting can be highly effective as it means that you won’t have to worry about the management aspect of your dedicated server, when in most cases you have more important things to be worrying about and getting on with that aren’t related to your dedicated server; in most cases the support team employed by your web hosting provider are also on
call to answer your queries 24×7, meaning that even if there is a problem it will be dealt with swiftly. Managed dedicated server hosting may not always have a higher uptime rate than an unmanaged dedicated server of a similar specification, but a benefit of managed dedicated server hosting services is they can help when it comes to technical problems with your server and are quick to pinpoint issues with your server; you can have your web hosting provider’s support team optimize your dedicated server for you to make it as reliable as possible which may be subject to an additional charge.

How reliable is Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting is only beneficial if you know that you have the skills to manage your dedicated server properly and are able to apply those skills to ensure that your dedicated server is both reliable and secure. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting can be very cost effective in situations where you may want to really customize your entire hosting environment; you may, for example, wish to have a specific Linux distribution installed on your dedicated server, and in such a situation you may find that managed dedicated server hosting services aren’t suitable for your requirements because your web hosting provider may not be willing to support the distribution concerned.

Lastly, managed dedicated server hosting services and unmanaged dedicated server hosting services are effective in the right situations, it’s just up to you as the consumer to make sure that you choose the right dedicated server hosting service for your requirements.

When selecting and ordering a dedicated server you should always read the terms and conditions twice, even if you are going to get an unmanaged dedicated server or managed a dedicated server.

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