Making a website on a budget

Creating a website that looks and feels like your own brand on a budget can be tricky to pull off. Fortunately, as web technology has improved since front-end-builders came to be in the early 2000s the flexibility and variety of web builders have grown and have become a lot more affordable.

Choosing a budget website builder

There are website builders provided by companies like Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify and the list goes on and on. They use different hosting platforms to deliver the website content to website users and some are more user-friendly than others but they all have one disadvantage that no amount of sales pitching can draw attention from this key disadvantage of using a website builder…

You may have major problems changing website platforms or host

Platforms like SquareSpace, Wix and Shopify host the website and the backend interface so if you ever want to add your own code or decide to want to host your website on another server or even clone your website so you can work on your website offline you’ll be at the mercy of the providers.

But there is an alternative website builder that you can host yourself

You can use WordPress with reputable plugins and themes to create a website that can achieve the same end goals of popular website platforms and beyond. This is because WordPress is open source you can take your website and change it any way you can, you can re-write the code. WordPress is a powerful free platform and is used by over 30% of websites on the internet. Also, WordPress is maintained by the large community so you don’t need to invest in people maintaining your website, this is possible to do on your own with little learning required.

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