Australian IRC Hosting

Australian IRC Hosting

We know IRC has a bad reputation for being abused on web hosting platforms. But that doesn’t mean IRC hosting should be a technology of the past. WebJex is offering low tiered VPS servers that are allocated specifically for IRC usage. This means that there are more restrictions on these nodes than our regular  VPS hosting range here.

What is IRC?

IRC or known as Internet Relay Chat has been around since 1988 where it was invented in Finland and has been used for the last 3 decades as a way to communicate and share files and information to multiple users at once over private IRC chat networks and among their individual chat rooms known as channels. IRC servers have been on the declined since the introduction of services like Discord and VOIP technologies such as Ventrilo & TeamSpeak. However, we recognise there is still demand for retro chat servers out there and IRC still offers what could be considered by today’s standards to be a secure way to chat.

IRC has been integrated into more modern technologies and IRC can be accessed by mobile phone platforms like Android & iPhone. IRC can also be easily integrated into MineCraft servers for cross-network chat and other games.

IRC was a popular platform from the late 90’s to around 2008 when IRC as a whole started to decline due to social media growth being on the rise. IRC struggled to stay as a modern platform but IRC still remains as a relative private way to chat away from prying eyes of governments and ad companies.

We offer 3 types of IRCd accounts which are optimised for their unique purpose and IRC services are only allowed to be hosted on these plans and not on our regular VPS plans.

IRCd Hosting 

Allowed scripts & daemons for IRC accounts

  • UnrealIRCD
  • Bahamut
  • Hybrid
  • Ratbox
  • Plexus
  • Ngircd
  • Inspircd
  • Charybdis
  • Bitchx
  • Screen
  • Crontab
  • gcc,c and c++
  • BNC
  • PsyBNC
  • NeoStats
  • ZNC web control panel
  • SSH
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • ftp
  • wget
  • OpenSSL
  • Allowed to connect to other IRC networks
  • SSL enabled IRC