How to create a colour scheme for your website or brand

If you are a new business coming up with an idea for your next web design layout for your website or coming up with a new logo and don’t know where to begin this article will give you some guidance in coming up with a suitable colour scheme for your website or brand.

How to create a colour scheme for your website if you already have a logo

Canva has a fantastic tool that allows you to upload any picture such as a logo and have the site extract the colour scheme from the logo and output the colours in hex and RGB code. This allows you to easily find out what colours are associated with your logo that would compliment your website layout.

Depending on what kind of logo you have and what colours you use in your logo will determine the range of colours you will have available. It is important to note if you choose colours that don’t contrast well in your logo this will also reflect on your website so it is important if you are taking this approach that your logo design is finalised.

TIP: Save the colour codes of your scheme in a document somewhere as quite often when building content for your brand you will want those colour codes handy,

Designing a logo from scratch

Canva is a freemium service that allows users to create graphics used for social media websites, websites, blogs, e-mail marketing and graphics for print purposes. It really is a great tool and the fact it is free allows you to get started for free.

Canva Pricing Australia
Canva Pricing Australia $13.99 per month.

There are a few types points of Canva premium that are worth mentioning:

  • The premium upgrade which is as of Feb 2020 is $13.99 AUD per month if you pay annually upfront. The premium gives you access to plenty of images and vectors with the abilities to resize your current canvas. One feature that annoys most if the inability to make PNG graphics transparent. The lack of transparency feature in the free option makes logo creation difficult if your logo is anything but perfectly squared.
  • Canva comes with a 30-day trial which you are required to enter payment information prior. However, you can cancel anytime before and not get billed.

Get access to additional graphics and photos without upgrading to premium.

You can upgrade your account and get access to plenty of photos and graphics for a small fee. Interestingly enough this upgrade option is more of an option for mobile app users using Canva. This upgrade does not include any of the pro features.

If you can’t justify upgrading to Canva pro you would find plenty of uses for the stock images that Canva has. And if you are savvy enough you can grab images from the library directly without having to download a Canva template just to get the image.

Is Canva premium worth it?

For the price and the features of Canva premium, it is worth upgrading especially if you can pay for a year upfront. Canva allows you to work on your website graphics and design amazing content while you are on the road on your mobile phone or on your desktop.

And considering applications like Photoshop and Illustrator can cost hundreds of dollars each year in licensing fees it’s not a bad alternative app if you are just getting started with graphic design or marketing.

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