How to choose SEO keywords for your audience

If you want to save some money on your SEO campaign, in this article we discuss how to choose SEO keywords that you want us to help you rank for. It might sound like we are lazy and trying to get out of doing work. We provide SEO services to our clients that we passionately become emotionally invested in their success, but we also want to educate businesses. Most SEO companies, in general, will provide keyword research as part of the overall service fee. Keyword research is one of the hardest parts of SEO because it is very time consuming, and therefore, you will be paying for a professional to research keywords for you. Keyword research is vital for an SEO campaign to be successful.

But keyword research is best done by the client

When you think about it, the best person who understands their own business more than anyone are the people who run the business. When you hire someone externally to do marketing, you have to brief them on your business, the business’s vision for the future and you spend a lot of time back and forth. However, when people hire web designers and SEO specialists to do our websites, they don’t typically communicate well, and the client forms false beliefs about the reality of SEO campaigns. And to mention the SEO specialist would not understand the business well enough after a first consultation to know how to choose SEO keywords for your campaign.

Basic Keyword Finding 101

  1. Go to and type in the keywords you want your customers to find you under
  2. Copy and paste each keyword to a text file or spreadsheet (just a way to save the list)
  3. Find businesses similar to yours and copy the URL’s to the text file
  4. List your services and products you provide

You can also apply the basic search method to FaceBook search, Google Map suggestions, YouTube and other search engines. They will suggest commonly searched terms which will give you an idea of what keywords to target.

The bottom line: If you can give us as much detail about your products and services and how you want to be found. We can learn so much about what your campaign needs, how much work is involved and from that a unique strategy can be created. We will then generate more keywords that we would recommend, and then we would lay out a timeframe of how long those keywords will take to rank and optimise the pricing to be flexible.

TIP: Don’t pay for expensive keyword finder tools

You don’t need to pay for expensive keyword research tools because there is always conflicting data with what they suggest is the search volume for that particular keyword but actually, don’t reflect traffic results at all. We aren’t saying you don’t consider buying them at all but if you want to get started in SEO and find good keywords you don’t need to invest any money into getting started.

Doing your own keyword research can save your SEO specialist time, therefore, less money you need to spend

When you consult with us in regards to our SEO services, and you already have a beautiful list of keywords you want to focus on for your SEO campaign. We will not only be able to get started sooner on ranking your website, but we won’t charge you for keyword research but instead reinvest the hours saved into improving and tweaking SEO further. In other words, if you are happy to do a little homework before you consult with us, you will save money and our time. We want to maximise our time efficiently so we can focus on creating content that ranks highly on search results.

Most SEO agencies won’t tell you this, but some keywords are easier to rank than others

Some keywords such as ‘Adelaide plumbers’ might be trickier to rank as there is higher competition to be ranked for Adelaide. But using a keyword such as “Adelaide western suburbs plumber” might only require small SEO tweaks and on-page optimisation. This is a reason why we care so much about the dialogue between the client and us when we provide SEO services. We want to understand your business and how it operates so we can create creative content for your websites that get ranked.

When you signup with WebJex for an SEO package and you fill out our discovery form successfully you will have saved us from having to do hours of guessing work and allows us to get started sooner.


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