Messenger Bot Creation


FaceBook has become the worlds largest social media platform over the last decade which has created its own messaging platform now better known as Messenger which became a more lightweight platform in comparison to its rival at the time Skype. One feature that has come about in the last year with Messenger is the ability for app developers to collect, gather and use data collected in Messenger chat conversations and be able to use that data.


The simplest way for the full capabilities of using FaceBook Messenger together this information is through the use of robots or otherwise known as bots.


Bots allow a more human response to messages sent by users which can avoid a lot of manual labour by the page’s admin team to deal with. For example, if someone messages “I need help” the bot can reply quickly with useful links and contact details. But depending on how sophisticated the bot is it could ask a follow-up question which could give a more accurate answer and so forth.


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