How much should you pay for your website?

That’s probably a question that comes to your mind when you plan to create or redesign your existing website. Either way, going back a decade ago, website design was still pretty labour-intensive. This meant that you had to rely on third parties. Who were Experts at web design to manage your website

In the last ten years. There’s been a significant shift where website Builders such as WordPress weeks Shopify. And WordPress Have over saved significant upgrades. Or come on to the market as alternatives to having to pay thousands of dollars to have someone manage your website.

So when it comes to choosing what platforms have your website on? You also want to ask yourself if you’re going to retain can play ownership over your website when you use a platform like Shopify. However, there are some great Integrations, great features and excellent customer support. You don’t own your website exactly when you consider the fact that you pay a monthly charge. Every month on the same day. You never technically pay off your website as an investment. Now that being said, with Shopify, you can Upgrade your account or even downgrade your accounts. And you do save yourself from Over the hard work. But be aware that if you ever want to move your website elsewhere, you will struggle immensely. If you are not fast. About not owning your own website and Shopify all weeks may be a good option. However, typically you still paying a premium for a service that you could do a little work upfront. Yourself And save money down the track for years to come if you upskill yourself to manage your website.

At WebJex, we like to educate our clients. On owning and maintaining their website if they choose to. We believe in delegating the responsibilities of the Business website to the organization that owns that website. Of course, we are always here to assist our clients in maintaining their websites, but we promote and advocate for business owners to be Savvy enough to manage their website. And to be able to add content to their website to help improve their SEO. Suppose you have a complex idea for your website that involves integrating with several platforms or creating a product or service based on code that does not exist on the market. Then you will most likely need to invest in an agency that can make a website for you.

It may cost you. A few thousand Or several thousand But the return of investment. It would be great as you would have something unique on the Market.

That being said, If you can Perform your business. Online using woocommerce and other WordPress plugins that are out there for free or for a minimal premium. You could be able to get all the features you want to enter your website for a fraction of the cost if you’re willing to make a few compromises.

This is the general takeaway from deciding whether or not you should pay thousands for your website or not. It’s really about what you want and what you’re willing to. Compromise with if you’re happy using Plugins and themes That are not genuinely unique but are functional, safe, and secure; then you can get a website for a meagre budget using something like WordPress. However, on a shed host, if money isn’t a problem, it may be worth investing in Shopify. Shopify makes it very easy to start an e-commerce website very quickly and have the ability to manage the store in a very professional and user-friendly backhand.