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Adelaide Web Hosting Support

Why you might need web hosting support for your business When you are running any company in the digital age, you will need a website designed and tailored to your needs that come with web hosting support as an extra. Most sites need some non-standard features such as...

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  • 5 tips on how to relaunch your website successfully February 16, 2020
    So you’ve had a website for a while now and you may be wondering and scratching your website on why your website isn’t performing as well and you are looking for ways to give life to your website. The most important thing to know is that being a website owner is a learning curve and […]
  • Have you been pwned? And what you can do about it. February 16, 2020
    Today we are so trusting when it comes to giving out our personal details to companies such as LinkedIn and FaceBook that we will happily hand over our personal information. Although we generally get cautioned with giving third parties access to our information through FaceBook but from a security standpoint, this is not good enough. […]
  • Making a website on a budget February 16, 2020
    Creating a website that looks and feels like your own brand on a budget can be tricky to pull off. Fortunately, as web technology has improved since front-end-builders came to be in the early 2000s the flexibility and variety of web builders have grown and have become a lot more affordable. Choosing a budget website […]
  • Why WordPress is shaking up the web design industry February 15, 2020
    We build websites at WebJex using WordPress and we know it has made things difficult for web designers and agencies and caused a stir over the last decade. Some have labelled WordPress as a security nightmare and others have claimed it has saved them thousands in development costs and them having to go to a […]
  • SEO guide for Adelaide businesses February 15, 2020
    We have created this SEO guide for Adelaide businesses who are after some resources and tips for their own local SEO campaign. This will be beneficial to anyone who wants to know how to rank locally to Adelaide specifically but the same concepts can be applied to any other location in the world. Tip 1: […]
  • How to create a colour scheme for your website or brand February 14, 2020
    If you are a new business coming up with an idea for your next web design layout for your website or coming up with a new logo and don’t know where to begin this article will give you some guidance in coming up with a suitable colour scheme for your website or brand. How to […]
  • WordPress Adelaide Meetup Recap 11-02-2020 February 12, 2020
    WordPress Adelaide had a meetup this Tuesday at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel which was a change of venue from last year. Alex hosted the usual 101 talk which for those who haven’t attended WordPress Adelaide Meetups before, covers the basic features of WordPress and goes into basic good practice terms. The meetup attendance was […]
  • Web Design and Tech: The last decade and what has changed January 25, 2020
    When I was working for a web design firm in 2010 we were in a not-so-long-ago time where FaceBook had massive reach and most of us had our hands on an iPhone or a decent 3G mobile device. To put things into perspective, we had Samsung phones, and we had iPhones but we didn’t have […]
  • Should a new business invest in SEO? January 14, 2020
    First of all, we aren’t posting this to do ourselves out of business but to ultimately help anyone who may be a new business owner considering SEO. You may be in the process of making a website or you have recently created one and you don’t know to invest in SEO or not. Why should […]
  • Six SEO tips from an expert January 11, 2020
    SEO or otherwise known as search engine optimisation is the term used for the process of ‘optimising’ your website content to make it easier for search engines to read and decide what content is more important than others on your website and comparing that with the rest of the websites on the internet. Now understanding […]