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Multicraft Review - MineCraft's Leading Hosting Software

Multicraft is the leading control panel that many MineCraft Server Hosting providers use for their customers and it's pretty easy to see why with heaps of perks and advantages that make it a fantastic service for server owners to use but it is also a dream to set up. Check out our Multicraft Review below.

- Extremely scalable: one panel can control hundreds of servers
- Not just a control panel: It's the most powerful Minecraft hosting platform available
- Proven solution: in use by hundreds of game server providers
- Easy mass deployment: fully controllable via an extensive API
- Unique features: FTP server and client, IP auth & much more
- Billing integration available (WHMCS, Ubersmith, ...)
- Independent of Minecraft updates
- Translation support: German included, others available
- Under active development with strong focus on user input
- Lots of options for customization
- Slick Ajax driven interface with live log/chat/player list
- And much more!

Live demo

Multicraft consists of a web based control panel which is overlayed and a host-level application managing the Minecraft servers.
Multicraft runs on both Linux and Windows and one single control panel can manage a mixed set of Linux and Windows nodes at once.

Minecraft updates have never made an impact on updates or have made it necessary to change anything on Multicraft itself and mods like Bukkit should work out of the box... Well should.. 

It is even possible to add your own custom jars, scripts, and setups by configuring the files further if you have the technical skills to do so. Below you'll find diagrams of a few scenarios Multicraft can be used in.

Both the control panel and the MC server manager on one server:

The control panel on one server and the MC server manager on another server:

One control panel to control multiple MC server managers on multiple servers:

The basic version of Multicraft is free which just allows one server with an announcement broadcasting an advertisement. There are pretty flexible and affordable with pricing options if you were wanting to use Multicraft for server management or as a hosting platform. 

To see the list of current features as well as a live demo, please visit:

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MineCraft Hosting Australia: What is MineCraft?

With more than 100 million users, the sandbox video game, Minecraft, has formed into an overall phenomenon in the course of recent years. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world work fastidiously on building squares and investigating the open universe of the game. A large number of these building-obstruct set Minecraft servers for multiplayer mode utilize. This is a particularly advantageous interest for those wishing to tweak singular settings or play together with friends. Yet, exactly how can one approach setting up a Minecraft server and which server is best suited to the game's different needs? Try our MineCraft Hosting Australia Service if you are looking for a solution.

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Multiplayer with Minecraft

The online multiplayer mode is by and large considered the biggest part of the MineCraft Community. Online multiplayer games require servers—these go about us offering a choice of multi-player worlds to the Minecraft universe. The server types may vary as indicated by both game mode sort and the quantity of players they support. For example some servers can only support 10 players while others can handle 1000's like MinePlex. Users can peruse through various freely accessible Minecraft server records and select their coveted gaming world. Remember, nonetheless, that users who join games facilitated on other players' servers have no impact on the general set-up of the game; that duty lies in the hands of the server operator.

Some restrictions apply for gamers hoping to play with friends: a few servers might not have enough space for every player. A genuinely redid gaming knowledge must be acquired by selecting to have your own particular Minecraft server— as there is extensive technical knowledge of Java configs, and being able to setup MySQL databases to be able to get the full use out of MineCraft Multiplayer and being able to be a popular host by being able to provide a range of plugins to your users.

In the event that the point is to make the server easily accessible and to oblige countless, at that point selecting to lease a Minecraft Australian Server frequently ends up being a decent option. Leased servers are for all time accessible and have the vigorous processing limits available to them required for larger-scale multiplayer Minecraft gaming. Dedicated root servers are particularly invaluable for such needs.