Celebrate your marriage with a wedding website and gallery

We are celebrating the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia by now offering wedding websites

We are now offering Wedding Websites in response to Australia legalising same-sex marriage, it prompted us to think about how history has changed over the decades and now today more than ever same-sex couples are treated with the same fairness under the law as everyone else. Because of this, we are now offering Wedding Websites.

We want to help new married couples celebrate their upcoming marriage by providing a showcase for them to be able to share their wedding memories publicly or privately if they wish by a secure web page.

Why have a Wedding Website to celebrate or plan your wedding?

  • Not everyone has FaceBook and sharing photos on a website is a technology that more people, especially in the older generation, are more comfortable to use.
  • A web page can be kept publicly available or privately or have some areas private and allow other parts of the website to be publicly accessible.
  • Assign your own domain to your site to make it easy to remember and accessible all over the world.
  • Use your online gallery to showcase your images at family events by streaming the gallery to your TV by using a media sharing device like Chomecast

Pricing for Wedding Websites

We are flexible with our pricing depending on your needs however if you are after a one-page website with a public gallery hosted for 1 year you are looking at $99.00 AUD which is a great value for money. Plus we will throw in e-mail hosting included at no extra charge if you are wanting a professional e-mail address with your domain.

Timeframe of delivery of your Wedding Website

Depending on the size of the project which can make a difference in delivery time we advise 2 - 4 weeks. We do usually, however, have been able to complete websites start to finish within a few days but it does depend on how much backlog of client's projects there are. Most web design agencies quote 4-12 weeks but we use technologies that help us build websites quicker which has driven the price down that our clients have paid.

Order a Wedding Website today!

If you are interested in getting a website feel free to contact us.

Understanding Social Media Optimisation

Understanding Social Media Optimisation

Understanding Social Media Optimisation, or SMO, is similar to SEO (search engine optimisation) except it relies on social media sites to pull in guests to web pages. It is recognized as a type of social media marketing, which is the promotion and publicizing of consumer services and items by means of social media sites.

Practically every internet user is familiar with social media sites these days, even on the off chance that they don't go on MySpace or Twitter. Internet discussions, social and personal blogs, wikis, podcasts, instant messaging, picture sharing sites, social networking sites and social bookmarking sites are on the whole types of social media – and all can be utilized for SMO purposes.

Mainstream social networking sites used by e-commerce companies include Bebo, Facebook and MySpace. Less well known, however gaining interest, are ASmallWorld, Geni.com and Xing. Social network aggregators, for example, FriendFeed, are a useful SMM apparatus, as they bring the content of different social networking sites together, increasing your chances of optimization by the search engines.

Blogging is another mainstream social media instrument. Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, Xanga and WordPress are among the most mainstream. Small scale blogging is a simpler type of web log, quickly gaining interest. The best known is Twitter. It is practically de rigueur, these days, for companies to include Twitter among their social media marketing joins.

Social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon are another way to optimize your website. Additionally called social labeling, bookmarking enables internet users to share, manage and organize the bookmarks of web pages. Metadata labels might be added so users can check the reference is relevant to their needs before downloading the connection. Social news sites like Digg and Reddit do a similar thing, yet offer connects to news sites.

As well as all these there are video sharing sites (YouTube being the undeniable example); music and sound sharing pages, photography and craftsmanship sharing sites (Flickr, deviant Art and Photobucket being among the most famous) and livecasting on sites like Ustream. The latter enables users to do live video streaming of events, and is a useful instrument for e-commerce.

Understanding Social Media Optimisation takes place in one of two ways. The primary adds social media connects to the content. These might be RSS feeds, social news joins and interactive devices like user appraisals and surveying buttons. They may likewise incorporate images and video joins. The second method uses activities not related to the web content being promoted, and includes blogging, discussion groups and announcements of profiles.

Whereas SEO concentrates on search engine marketing, SMO concentrates on directing people to a site from other areas, relying on the way that numerous internet users – especially the youthful – use social networking sites significantly more than they use search engines. However, a side effect of SMO is improved search engine rankings, so it functions admirably alongside traditional SEO techniques.

Understanding Social Media Marketing is a vital instrument to the online business group, enabling companies to reach out to their customers recently. With enormous businesses and high street names now using the medium, little companies have gained credibility that search engine marketing alone couldn't achieve.

How to Boost Your Instagram Followers to build your Social Influence

How to Boost Your Instagram Followers to build your Social Influence

Aside pinterest, the Instagram versatile application is another real social systems administration application that is quickly picking up popularity and mindfulness; as of now averaging 80 million overall users. Read on to learn How to Boost Your Instagram Followers.

For you to assemble a reasonable quantities of fans in Instagram, you should take after some tested and proven strategies in spite of the fact that it is awful to state this; the best game-plan is generally not a simple one!

Snap and Transfer and Send Photographs To Boost Your Instagram Followers

At to begin with, your fundamental concern should be the making of appealing pictures. The basis for this is individuals have the penchant of following records that exclusive display the most appealing and striking depictions. This bodes well and is regularly lost on advertisers who are hoping to split another social field. Customers don’t mind on the off chance that you are Nike or Adidas or even Facebook or their most loved football assemble their fundamental point of being on instagram is to surf pictures and photographs that gets their favor.

For this purpose, you have to think of an astute system every time you are out shooting new photographs.

As a dependable guideline, you should attempt to abstain from taking unimportant or trite pictures, which are commonly seen by individuals every day. In the expression of Nick Bilton who works for the New York Times, (his Instagram account has more than fifty thousand followers) people will probably respect you for quality over amount - yes you may well take a flavor photo of your Starbucks container however in the event that I don't know your identity and your photograph is nonexclusive, I won't be checking you.

Publishing radiant and normal photographs in the meantime may not be something to be thankful for to do in light of the fact that the unremarkable photographs can go about as a mood killer to your visitors - a client on Instagram is 40% more subject to unfollow you than on twitter as there is less social engagement.

For those that have gigantic accumulation of attractive photographs for them, it's advisable for not them not to post at the same time but rather should post them apart. By so doing, it will keep the enthusiasm of your followers side by side and incite them to continue returning for all the more intriguing photographs.

Follow People Who Follow You To Boost Your Instagram Followers

It may take months of you to be the sort of important person that people would follow you regardless of if you return the favour. In fact for starting out following people back who follow you is a gentle way of retaining your follower account while you build your status.

Like and post comments on pictures that matter to you!

The common exchange of activity on Instagram is the like button; One beyond any doubt method for picking up followers is by basically preferring others pictures. Just by liking their pictures, your photographs will likewise inevitably get saw and furthermore get comment/likes from them. What decision you need to make when you start out is if you will like any photo from anyone for the sake of growing faster or be more restraint with the like button and only like content that you only care about. One way is fast and quick but the other is a lot slower but will give you a better conversion.

Make use of popular Hashtags To Boost Your Instagram Followers

Hashtags more or less is the concept that let the users of Instagram to amass various photographs together. One beyond any doubt method for making certain that your photographs get bunches of exposure is by labelling them. For instance, on the off chance that you have a nightfall picture, you can label it with a popular #sunset label so it will be accessible with different photographs that have a similar tag (twitter anybody?). The hypothesis is that individuals will seek in regions that intrigue them #cat #icecream #olympics.

How to Boost Your Instagram Followers

If you would like to shortcut all of this hard work. WebJex offers Instagram Marketing to help Boost Your Instagram Followers & Likes !

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Branding

In the course of recent years, companies are ending up increasingly shrewd and more intelligent and making their items and administrations accessible to the most stretched out conceivable groups of onlookers through various means. They are making wise utilisation of web and social media marketing strategies to make brand viral. A standout amongst the most across the board stages that are very utilized nowadays is Facebook. Companies are involved in Facebook Marketing Strategies for Branding has turned into an essential piece of their marketing designs. Companies are making their marketing arrangements that include Facebook as the real player.

It is anything but difficult to register on Facebook and create result-driven strategies for business marketing. Its traits are exceptionally flexible and gives legitimate results to the companies. It is anything but difficult to attract fans and adherents to your profile. You can post exceptional deals, coupon codes, and extraordinary declarations to your Facebook page. It will help in attracting more customers to your business page.

Today, Facebook Marketing Strategies for Branding can be tricky; discovering fans on Facebook is a troublesome errand. Companies fall flat attract new customers and even target customers of a particular locale. This is the greatest downside of a company. Careful planning and execution is exceptionally essential for a company to register development. A large portion of the companies counsel with Facebook marketing specialists or social media firms to teach best techniques for item marketing through Facebook.

Facebook marketing specialists or social media firms delicately design out your Facebook Marketing Strategies for Branding and outline the Fan page according to the business needs. They know the significance of Fan Page marketing and careful endeavours to make it all the more luring. They include best company's logo, item pictures, item depictions, and implant other extraordinary characteristics with the goal that more customers can invest much energy in this page. It will upgrade your general brand picture, as well.

Facebook marketing specialists design selective and brilliant substance so as to draw in most extreme number of visitors. They evacuate exhausting substance and create intuitive, new, and helpful substance for the visitors. They grow particular and precise substance with the goal that it spares the season of readers and offer them extensive information.

These social media marketing specialists frequently refresh fan page keeping in mind the end goal to change the company’s picture and increment Facebook likes. It is the best Facebook fan page marketing procedure. They every now and again arrange online test, study, and different discussions with the goal that an ever increasing number of visitors can take part and win prizes. Every single such movement are extremely useful in establishing an impeccable correspondence channel with the customers. Social media marketing specialists additionally streamline and enhance your Facebook record to make it more professional and sorted out.

Today, the vast majority of the top brands are associating with their customers so as to establish relations with them. They are consistently embracing Facebook marketing administrations for their organizations. Basically, companies ought to never miss this open door and connect with more and more customers through splendid Facebook marketing strategies. It won't just amplify the month to month activity to the website, yet in addition make your brand popular in the market.