Australian MineCraft Server Hosting Sydney

Budget MineCraft Hosting

At WebJex we offer state of the art Australian MineCraft Hosting. We are proudly based in Adelaide, Australia and we strive to offer an affordable budget MineCraft Hosting solution to our clients.

We are an un-managed provider meaning besides technical support issues outside our fault we don’t usually provide. If you get really stuck on a Bukkit Plugin and we are having a slow day we will help at our discreation.  

Australian MineCraft Server Hosting Sydney

Australian Based Business

We operate WebJex within Adelaide, Australia so we definitely know how sucky our internet can be. You are supporting a local business. 


We Use MultiCraft

We may not offer state of the art control panel but we all know and trust MultiCraft. We allow custom jar and FTP Access.

Australian MineCraft Servers

All servers are currently based in Sydney, Australia on reliable backbone networks.

Australian Based Support

You can call us, e-mail us, chat to us, FaceBook us or do it the good old fashion boring way… raise a ticket.

Affordable MineCraft Hosting Sydney

Here at WebJex our Australian based servers are state of the art. We trust that all Australians should effortlessly have the capacity to lease their own particular Australian Minecraft Server that has no lag, loads of features without the costly investment compared to choosing a US hosting provider. Regardless of whether you need a little Minecraft server to play with your friends or a need a server with large requirements for heaps of players you have come to the right place.

We endeavor to provide the best customer service and Minecraft Hosting options in Australia. We have developed to wind up noticeably the largest Australian Minecraft Hosting Company, giving the best Minecraft Server hosting options in Australia at an exceptionally focused low pricing. View our server packages and purchase your Minecraft Server today!

Our Minecraft Servers are assembled particularly to keep up high action, seamless and magnificent rates, and amazingly quick execution. All our Australian Minecraft servers keep running on a quick 1000+ Mbps Network. We utilize just the best dedicated servers, guaranteeing that you generally encounter a smooth gameplay at whatever time you want to play the game, as our Minecraft servers are online 24/7.

Renting your own Minecraft server will give a strong and powerful server at whatever point you require it, alongside that it will guarantee your genuine feelings of serenity while playing your most loved game. In the event that you need to appreciate Minecraft effortlessly among your friends, renting a Minecraft server from us will be the best option for you.

Our Australian Minecraft Servers all keep running under a dedicated, shared condition in which there is no additional layer between the resources and your server. We have tested our servers from the back to front to guarantee they run rapidly and with no lag for all players crosswise over Australia.

Why Us

  • We are upfront with what is included with your monthly bill.
  • We want you to succeed! – Send us your server website URL after your order and we will add it to our links page so we can improve your page ranking (slightly).
  • No contract, no commitment!
  • You can call us and speak to an Australian (WebJex Owner Michael Carter)
  • We may be a startup but we have a registered office and landline number! We aren’t run from a teenager’s bedroom!
  • We are ex-server owners ourselves! We know what it’s like to deal with over-crowded server hostings that oversell their resources. We price our plans so that we can make a reasonable profit and then fund the next dedicated server to launch another node.

All The Right Things

We use MultiCraft as our control panel of choice. We offer FTP and custom jar access.

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