Australian Domain Registration

Australian Domain Registration Process

Registering an Australian Domain with WebJex is an affordable and easy way of registering a domain.

  1. Find the domain of your dreams with us through here
  2. Do a search to see if your domain is available – If the domain is not available it might be worthwhile to check if an existing website exists and that the domain name/business name does not infringe on current trademarks within Australia.
  3. If your domain is not available with the TLD extension you can alternatively register a .com or .net domain or you could register an industry-specific domain extension like .online for an online store or .tech. WebJex Domains allows you to register multiple TLDs at once and has access to 100+ domain extensions.
  4. Once you have selected the domains you can add on web hosting, domain privacy protection, SSL Certificates and e-mail hosting. We recommend that you invest in domain privacy protection as every domain can be looked upon who owns the domain and the registrar it is connected to which means the information you entered as contact information can be looked up and often at times this information is collected and added to e-mail and phone call marketing campaigns that can be annoying.
  5. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a welcome e-mail and a login to manage your domain. From there you can add additional WebJex services or set the nameservers of your domain to your web hosting provider. If you have problems with your domain that you have registered with us you are welcome to contact us for assistance.


Why you should have an SSL Certificate

Google will soon be flagging websites that are not SSL compliant from July 1st which will display if your website is secure not.

If you are collecting data, payments or information we STRONGLY recommend you get an SSL certificate as this will increase trust and likelihood of your customers signing up.


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