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Why you might need web hosting support for your business

When you are running any company in the digital age, you will need a website designed and tailored to your needs that come with web hosting support as an extra. Most sites need some non-standard features such as e-commerce stores, accepting digital payments and credit cards. You may also be collecting information from your clients or generating leads through to your website that talks to other systems within your enterprise. Or you are tech-savvy enough to run your website, and you pay web hosting costs, but when something goes wrong, you’re stuck. Most web hosts won’t go above and beyond to fix your website problems if it’s user or code error and not a hosting related server issue. This can be very frustrating and cost you hours of trying to figure out why your WordPress site is no longer loading and is costing you even more time to find someone and explain what the issue is and get a quote on the fix. It can get messy, which is why we offer web hosting support as a standalone service we can offer.

Our aim is regardless of who you host with we will carry out website maintenance and depending on your unique needs we can offer to do additional SEO on your website to improve your search engine rankings overall. As your business grows, your website will need to be scaled and optimised for performance, which is a technical SEO ranking factor. You will also need to ensure your SSL certificates are valid and your website is secure. WebJex can take all the headaches away from you when it comes to optimising and managing your website for your business.

Adelaide Web Hosting Support Services

  • SSL Certificate installations
  • Australian cPanel web hosting
  • Reseller hosting (AU)
  • cPanel management
  • E-mail hosting
  • WordPress installations
  • WordPress optimisation
  • WordPress security management
  • Website traffic analysis
  • CloudFlare consulting
  • cPanel migration service
  • cPanel account setup
  • Australian VPS hosting
  • Australian dedicated hosting

Adelaide Web Hosting Consulting

Not sure what kind of hosting environment you need to host your website or maybe you are outgrowing your existing environment, and your website is running slow? We can make the process of moving to a reliable web hosting platform for you and take the hassle out of migrating your site. We also aim to save your business money in the process as we always strive to offer the most affordable web hosting to all of our customers. We host the majority of our websites off cPanel, which is considered to be the world’s leading control panel.

Some businesses need their server resources, or maybe you want to host in a more secure hosting environment then a VPS might be more appropriate for your needs to offer the special performance with your large website serving thousands of pages.

When you talk to us, we will anticipate all factors of your website and come up with the right web hosting plan for you. Our goal is to save you money, offer fantastic performance for your website users to visit and give you the satisfaction that your website is being looked after.


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